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5+ decluttering hints

Decluttering, cleaning... Organizing is a lot of work. It's not easy to get all those things in your home organized and tidy, but it can be done!  I was postponing all summer the start of "the big decluttering"... but as I wanted to rearrange the room of my Daughter for the 1st day of school , I really needed to take a huuuge breath in late August and just jump in all the organizing, decluttering, cleaning. 🙈 To avoid my mistakes and be able to use some of the good practices, I collected these tips to help you get started on the journey towards organizing your family home ! 1. Create a family calendar. Organizing your schedule is a great way to get things done and make sure everyone's on the same page. By creating a family calendar , you can plan out household chores, school events and other special occasions so that everyone has an idea of what's coming up in the near future. So if you know that by 1st September you want to reorganize, declutter and clean everyt
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Plan your family budget

Family budget planning: No matter if you are managing a huge household with a big budget or a smaller one with moderate income and spending, some kind of budgetary planning and organization is definitely needed. Of course, there is the "intuitive" and "laissez-faire" option, that I think all of us experienced sometimes, but it can be pretty stressful 😅 Photo: Why is it important to prepare a family budget? As much as 80% of our financial success can depend on our activities - like planning, saving, investing - and only the remaining 20% is directly linked to the actual knowledge about financial markets. The most important keywords to keep in mind are awareness, planning and regularity. If we are able to track our budget, we can also use it to reach the desired changes! Our family budget can help with setting goals and track their fulfillment as well. Steps of planning a family budget Thinking about planning your budget as a big mysterious activity can be

How to prepare for the first days of school?

Happy First Day of School! Starting school is a big thing 😊 Not only for the kids, but also for the parents... Especially if your first kid is having her first school day soon! Photo: How to prepare for it? And how to prepare your Little One for the first days of school? Honestly, first I thought it will be enough to think about my childhood, how we did it like some 30 years ago... But I also started to speak with parents of elder kids, fellow parents from kindergarten, friends, and even a child psychologist 😅🙈 I googled many articles, read forums, and what is even more important had many discussions with my Daughter 😊 Now I collected and organized a few ideas for you, that can make the preparation fun and the first days easier - for all of you 😊 1. Tips to prepare all of you for the fist days in a new school You can be sure that it will be a big change for your kid to start (a new) school - what we parents tend to forget, is that it is also an important milestone in ou

Top 6 advice on how to reward your child

How to reward in the right way? Time to time I felt really hopeless as we were apparently going around the same issues day by day with my Little One...   "Brush your teeth." "No." " Get dressed." "No."   "Come, we need to leave."  "Nooooo." Or the other way around 😅: "I want you to buy me this." "No." It is not necessarily the best solution to try making your kid doing the "right behavior" with using parental authority and simply forcing him or her to follow your orders. Even I think we all gave it a try.😅 However what I realized is that rewarding is more rewarding 😊 But how do you reward your child in a way that leads to common happiness? The fist issue I tried to fix with "organizing our rewarding system" was stopping every day tantrums before leaving home. I understand totally it is more fun to stay at home or go to ZOO instead of kindergarten (& work for me)... but life is no

Reading Challenge

Reading is one of the best ways for me to relax - alone or together with my Daughter... 😊 Now as she is old enough for longer stories, and often opts for series, we spend even more time with cuddling and reading. We just stop during the day for a 10 minutes reading when she needs to relax a bit, or when I feel we need it 😅  She also likes to ask me to read while she is playing. Honestly, I thought she is not even listening... but it turned out that she remembers perfectly all the stories! We started this as a regular habit during the pandemic. Well sometimes "cheating" a bit with audiobooks. And I also read and recorded some of her favorites, this way saving some time for working, while allowing her to listen to a tale read by Mum. 😊 Besides cuddling and reading being a great experience for both of us, without doubt, reading with children can be a great support with early literacy too. Building the habit of reading in early ages can help children to develop into good reade

How to teach your kids to pack for vacation

I love travelling... and I also would like my Little One to be opened and ready for new adventures 😊 Travelling with a baby can be challenging, but definitely not impossible - and as kids are growing, it becomes easier, and more fun. At least what I experienced so far 😅 It is also a great opportunity to spend quality time together! If you are looking for activities for the time on the road , you can read my earlier post and download a train scavenger hunt template as well 😉 While in "travel vibe" it becomes natural to slowly teach kids how to take the responsibility for their belongings, and how to think a bit ahead, organize ideas aaaaand how to pack their own luggage... So here come 5 tips  and a family vacation packing list template, that worked for us pretty well during our previous trips: 1. Find the right luggage For shorter trips, an own backpack is a great start. A bottle of water and some snacks and toys can fit in - and should not become heavy. We even have the

Bucket list with kids for the summer

Great ideas for summer days just pop-up sometimes, but "obviously" not when you need them the most 😅 So I decided to prepare a short "bucket list" for those days when we could use some hints 😊 Sleep in a tent Go for a night excursion with a torch Walk bare foot on grass Build a sand-castle Make lemonade Watch sunrise and sunset Help a friend with tasks around the house Eat corn on the cob Play badminton  Read a book lying on the grass Paint rocks Listen to music in open air Have breakfast on your balcony or terrace Dance in the rain Prepare home-made ice cream Watch meteor-shower Batik a T-shirt Organize a BBQ Make a photo of a rainbow Play jump rope with friends Eat water melon Bake cookies and give some to the neighbors too Visit an interesting sight nearby Visit a long-lost relative or friend Go on a bike trip Below, there is a shorter version which can be printed and marked when done as well!